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The Regulatory Organization was established in 2015 under the Securities and Trading Instruments Investor Protection Act as a non-profit corporation.



An investment holding is a form of corporate structure where one organization owns and manages other investment companies.

The concept of “holding” describes a situation when one company — it is called the parent or parent company — owns controlling stakes or large shares of the authorized capital of other subsidiaries.

The structure of the holding may include companies from the same sphere or from different ones.
In this case, the parent company receives profit from the management of subsidiaries.

Centralized management. The parent organization determines the development strategy of subsidiaries and influences their management decisions.



To apply for withdrawal of funds in foreign currency, you need to:

  • – Give consent to the processing of personal data to verify your foreign accounts and conclude an agreement with the authority involved in the return of your funds;
  • – read the new regulation on withdrawal of funds from foreign companies, which will be provided by the CIH.
  • If you have a foreign currency account opened with a brokerage company, you need to provide documents confirming the presence of an investment

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